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Did Driver Blackout Cause Dallas Bus Crash?

Posted on behalf of Stephens, Anderson & Cummings on May 29, 2013 in Auto Accidents

An April charter bus crash involving dozens of senior passengers may have been the result of driver blackout, the Dallas News reports. The crash killed three passengers, caused 16 passengers to suffer broken limbs and similar injuries of an incapacitating nature, in addition to injuring many others.

Initial crash reports indicate that there may have been a mechanical issue with the bus itself, like a blown tire, which might have caused the single-vehicle accident. More recent reports, though, point to driver error.

The Dallas News reported that, on the accident scene, the driver explained to the accident investigator that he may have blacked out prior to the crash. Had this happened, the driver may have lost control of the wheel and caused the accident.

The accident investigators job is to collect evidence from the scene and interview witnesses to take down their interpretation of events. In the case of this charter bus accident, the information collected by the accident investigator is highly valuable to the bus passengers, who will need to determine who is liable for the crash.

Bus drivers and charter companies could be liable in events such as the Dallas crash. If the drivers negligence was the cause, either party could be legally responsible for the harm that came to the passengers. Our Fort Worth accident attorneys believe that passengers who put their faith in their driver and the bus company should be defended in court if they are hurt.

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