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New Concussion Treatment Center Opens in Plano

Posted on behalf of Stephens, Anderson & Cummings on Sep 12, 2014 in Auto Accidents

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Car accident victims suffering from suspected head trauma can now seek treatment at Plano's new concussion center.

The Ben Hogan Concussion Center at Texas Health Plano opened at the end of August, and is now promoting health screenings for individuals of all ages. The centers Medical Director Martha Grimm says, Whether you're the quarterback on the high school football team or you're the mom of the quarterback on the football team we want to make sure everyone's brain gets a chance to heal.

Patients hoping to avoid injury can be educated on prevention and protection methods, while those suffering from a concussion or other trauma can receive full physical and neurological treatment.

Grimm notes that most concussions are due to car accidents or falls, and that some people do not know they've suffered head trauma after such an incident, therefore, they do not get the proper medical attention.

Grimm added that, up until a few years ago, many concussions were only diagnosed if a patient received a blow to the head or reported being unconscious. However, current science supports the fact that a concussion can be caused by any blunt-force trauma to the body; movement of the brain is not an exclusive side effect of head trauma.

One Plano man learned this after being involved in a car accident where he did not hit his head. He suffered a concussion regardless.  

Steve Bergenholtz says that he was hit but, I thought it was just a fender bender. I didn't realize I had a concussion. Bergenholtz says that headaches, dizziness, and mental cloudiness were his only cues to get checked. He still cannot drive and has difficulty walking in a straight line.

The Concussion Center is aiming to help people like Bergenholtz speed recovery and provide them with the resources they need to treat their injury right away. The center is urging community members to come in and establish a baseline health for themselves to use as a comparison for any future injury.

Did you or someone you love suffer a traumatic brain injury or concussion as a result of a car accident? Treating an ongoing injury is expensive and often difficult when an accident victim is likely struggling to repair a vehicle or cope with the loss of a loved one.

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