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Truck Accident Victims' Rights


Dallas truck accidents often lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. Accidents on Interstate 20, Interstate 30 and 35E, Interstate 45 and Interstate 75 often involve speeding vehicles and semi-trailers hauling heavy cargo. In an instant, an individuals life can be changed forever.

Many different factors must be considered when dealing with a Dallas truck accident. Was the driver properly licensed? Did the driver or trucking company have adequate insurance? Was the driver fatigued behind the wheel? Is a drivers log available? Was the driver distracted or on the phone? Many issues must be considered to determine if a trucker and the trucking company were following all of the rules regulating the industry. All of these issues must be considered as there are many rules and regulations truck drivers and trucking companies must adhere to.

When you have been injured, you need an experienced Dallas truck accident lawyer who will stand up for rights. You need an attorney who will know what to look for in an investigation and how to use that information to build a strong case in favor of a victim seeking justice.

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How We Can Help

At Stephens, Anderson & Cummings, we understand that recovering from a truck accident or the loss of a loved one due to a trucking accident can be difficult obtaining compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering shouldn't have to be.

Our team of experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyers have experience handling complex Dallas truck accident cases and are skilled at negotiating settlements our clients are entitled to.

Some victims may believe that they do not need a lawyer, however, truck insurance companies have teams of lawyers and professional investigators working for them. You need our team working for you. Otherwise, the truck insurance company will become unresponsive and will try to diminish the amount of pain you are in and wages you have lost. Dont let these companies bully you around, call a lawyer who will stand up for your rights.

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