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Oklahoma City Truck Accident Lawyers

Have you or someone that you love suffered a serious injury after being in an Oklahoma City truck accident that was caused by another driver?

At Stephens, Anderson & Cummings, our truck accident lawyers are dedicated to handling complex truck accident cases. We are confident that we can help you and your loved ones obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries due to an Oklahoma City truck accident, contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys at (877) 920-9009 or fill out our "Free Case Evaluation" form.

Injured in Oklahoma City?

Finding a personal injury lawyer can be a difficult task as there are many to choose from. Who can you count on to fight for you? Who can you trust to put your needs first?

About Our Law Firm

If you're looking for an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer, the law offices of Stephens, Anderson & Cummings are here to help you make the right choice.

Construction Accidents

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous trades to work in; each year thousands of workers are non-fatally and fatally-injured in construction accidents.

Car Accidents

Every two minutes, someone in Texas is injured in an auto accident. If you or a loved one ever become part of that statistic, you need experienced, aggressive legal representation.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Oklahoma truck accidents can happen for many reasons, however, some of the primary reasons reported include (but are not limited to):

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Driver fatigue
  • Vehicle defects
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Overloaded cargo

Additionally, some drivers may be driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol while behind the wheel of their big rig.

How Our Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Whatever the reason for the collision, the personal injury legal professionals at Stephens, Anderson & Cummings will investigate your accident and fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay us nothing unless you get paid. Its that simple.

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