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Samsung Technology Hopes to Make Trucks Safer

What if you could see through a large semi-truck to know what is coming down the road ahead before passing? Samsung, one of the worlds leading technology companies, has developed a prototype that can do just that. Through the use of large screens on… Read More

Fireworks Accidents & Injuries? Free Case Evaluation

One thing that can be both a lot of fun and very dangerous is fireworks. Accidents do happen, and they can often result in severe injuries or even death. When an accident is the result of negligence on the part of the manufacturer of the fireworks or… Read More

Takata Official: Airbag Death Toll Could Rise

Accused of putting profits ahead of safety, a Takata executive says the airbag death toll could rise. The violently, explosive airbags are linked to eight deaths and more than 100 injuries worldwide. We have been following the Takata airbag recall for… Read More

Stephens, Anderson & Cummings Announces 2015 Scholarship Winners

The selection committee at our law office is proud to announce that two Tarrant County seniors, Jessica Olmedo and Megan Guynes have been named the winners of the Stephens, Anderson & Cummings Scholarship for Higher Education. Both known for being leaders… Read More

June is National Safety Month

Each June, the National Safety Council (NSC) partners with organizations around the country for National Safety Month to raise awareness about what it takes to stay safe while doing everyday activities. Every year, the campaign focuses on the leading… Read More

Sleeping Pills Can Greatly Increase Morning Driving Risks

Millions of Americans turn to popular drugs like Ambien and Restoril when they need help getting a full nights sleep. The next morning, they wake up jump in the car and head to work without thinking twice. Unfortunately, a new study shows that that hopping… Read More

Talk, Text, Crash Reminds Motorists of Distracted Driving Dangers

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has officially launched its “Talk, Text, Crash” campaign aimed at raising awareness about texting and driving in an effort to make Texas roads safer. If you or someone you love was injured in an accident… Read More

Acura and Jeep Report Automatic Braking Malfunctions

Automatic braking is considered by many to be the first step toward complete autonomous vehicles. Unfortunately, two automakers are reporting glitchy systems that can cause more accidents than it prevents. Acura has recalled two vehicles and the National… Read More

Summer Marks the 100 Deadliest Days for Teen Driving

The 100 deadliest days for teen driving have begun. According to a report from the National Safety Council (NSC), summertime, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, is when accidents involving teen drivers are most prevalent. If you or someone you love is injured… Read More

NHTSA Pushes for Pedal Safety

Each year about 16,000 preventable car crashes happen as a result of pedal error that's almost 44 incidents a day. With the issue of a recent safety advisory, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is aiming to educate drivers about… Read More